Why YouthSuccess

Primary school enrolment has been a success story in India. The country is inching towards the target of universal coverage. However, the educational levels of most of those aged 15 years and over are too low – regardless of their real levels of literacy – to enable them to participate effectively in the economy, according to the UNESCO monitoring report. Almost half of graduates are not qualified for any industry job. Youth unemployability is becoming a bigger challenge than unemployment.  

Young people are prone to a number of health impacting conditions due to personal choices, lifestyle changes and environmental influences. Youths are increasingly getting addicted to drugs and alcohol. Erratic lifestyle, stress, smoking and excessive intake of aerated drinks and alcohol are causing serious ailments. Adding fuel to the fire is rising cases of digital addiction.

YouthSuccess is an initiative to help young people overcome these challenges and succeed in their life. It is run by a group of experienced professionals, practitioners and academia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge education gap and eradicate lifestyle related ailments among youths, in a bid to help them realise their full potential and succeed in life.

What We Do

Challenges facing the youths are enormous. It requires multipronged approach. Moreover, each individual is different. So one size fits all approach won’t work. We start by asking the right questions, and then dig deep into the problems to find the right solutions. Our experts and instructors provide customised solutions. Our activities are broadly categorised into 10 areas.

  1. Youth Counselling  
  2. Memory Enhancement
  3. Digital De-addiction
  4. Drugs De-addiction
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Leadership Skills
  7. Relationship Management (with parents, teachers, society etc.)
  8. Psychological Issues
  9. Food Habits
  10. Stress Management  

We also provide audio-visual and written materials from domain experts, practitioners and academia. We run short-term courses in partnership with schools, colleges and other institutions. One of our major focuses is on preparing instructors and teachers across the country, mostly in remote areas so that the benefits reach to larger number of people.


Our partners play crucial role in the initiative. Most of our initiatives are run in partnership with local schools, colleges and other institutions.

We are always in search for like-minded partners who share the similar vision and passion. If you are interested to be a part of the initiative write to us

How You Can Help

YouthSuccess is a not-for-profit initiative. Your support plays a crucial role in reaching out and helping larger number of youths. We welcome financial contributions and intellectual engagements. You can also help by sharing your relevant expertise and thoughts in the form of writings or audio-visual materials. Your small contribution can help shape careers and make life better of several youths.


A battery of certified instructors/teachers spread across the country is the backbone of our initiative. Each instructor/teacher undergo rigorous training.

Find instructor/teacher near your home. Fill in the details and we will connect you with the one that meets your requirement and is nearest to your home.