Post Graduate Diploma in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

This course will enhance the employability of students by improving their knowledge and developing skills relevant to the global Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) domains. Will help bridge skill gaps in industry demands/expectations and student competencies. Will help students get hands-on experience in the BFSI industry in the form of internships with leading BFSI companies.


Degree – Any stream (passed / appeared)


1 year (780 Hours)

Short Term & Skill Enhancement Programmes:

These Programmes are for the professionals or (in some cases fresh graduates) who seek to enhance earning capabilities through upgradation of skills which are in demand in industry. The duration of these courses will range from a few weeks up to under a year. Depending on the duration, the certification awarded will be titled as Diploma or Certificate.

Certificate Programmes

1. Certificate Course in Banking & Banking Operations

2. Certificate Course in Indian Financial Markets

3. Certificate Course in Trade Life Cycles of Financial Products

Benefits of the Training Programme:

– The initiative enables those who have been dropped out of the formal education system after 12th standard, to pursue education in the vocational streams.

– It helps organizations upgrade the skill of its blue collar workforce by giving them an opportunity to enroll in a recognized vocational diploma / degree programme without having to leave their job.

– It helps organizations get a higher retention, efficiency and productivity of workforce.

– Trainees / Employees enrolled as students have to undergo around 12 hours per week of the theoretical training and complete practical training whence on-the-job.

– Practical training imparted by skill knowledge providers (SKPs) is based on specifically defined learning outcomes.

– Examination & certification by TISS-SVE brings in the required rigor and promotes high standards.

– Industries that employ part-times, temporary or seasonal workforce can take TISS-SVE students and provide them with internship opportunities.

– As per NEEM Guidelines, the enrolled student is labelled as the “trainee” can be engaged in the on-the-job training for a duration of 3 months to 36 months.

– Innovative programmes based on industry requirements are being offered by TISS (a reputed institute) at various locations across the length and breadth of the country.

Post Graduate Diploma in Bank Credit Management